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FAUN Trackway Limited a division of FAUN Umwelttechnik – Europe's largest and most successful manufacturer of waste disposal vehicles and road sweepers.

The FAUN group boasts Europe-wide manufacturing expertise, with offices and production facilities in Germany, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium and UK. FAUN has also recently established an office in the USA.

The Trackway® division boasts an extensive history of aluminium military product manufacturing capability in the UK spanning over 70 years, and is a key contractor to the UK MOD (Military of Defence). Previous military engineering and manufacture projects include bridging, boats, aerial masts, fuel tankers and re-compression chambers.

FAUN is part of the KIRCHHOFF group. The KIRCHHOFF group publish a twice yearly magazine called ‘KMOBIL’. Please find previous issues of KMOBIL below.

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Where we have come from... a brief history of Trackway

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1940 Laird Anglesey Ltd was founded in Beaumaris, Anglesey to repair Catalina Flying Boats during World War II.

1942 As specialists in aluminium alloy fabrication, Laird Anglesey Ltd diversified to manufacture different military products to support UK MOD in World War II.

1960 In partnership with the UK MOD, Trackway solutions were designed to improve the capability of expeditionary vehicles in difficult terrain conditions. Trackway products were also developed to construct temporary runways for installation into remote areas.

1964 Laird Anglesey Ltd began manufacturing Trackway products for supply to militaries worldwide.

1967 Laird Anglesey Ltd launched MLC 30 Trackway.

1968 Laird Anglesey Ltd launched MLC 60 Trackway.

1975 UK MOD use MLC 60 Trackway as an airfield Bomb Damage Repair Mat (BDRM).

1996-1997 Laird Anglesey Ltd was acquired by FAUN GmbH, part of the Kirchhoff group. The company name became FAUN Municipal Vehicles Ltd and new premises in Llangefni, Anglesey were designed for manufacture of both Refuse Collection Vehicles and sweepers for local councils and waste contractors, and Trackway for military customers.

2007 HGMS (Heavy Ground Mobility System), a rapid deployment and recovery system for MLC 70 Trackway was designed for the Norwegian Army, who later purchased the system following extensive trials. The Swiss and Swedish Armies also purchase HGMS and MLC 70 Trackway in a joint procurement programme following extensive trials.

2008 The Turkish Army purchase HGMS and MLC 70 Trackway, and IVECO Trakker vehicles – this is the largest single order for Trackway products received to date.

2011 The Australian Army commission FAUN to design an expedient runway panel for UAVs, which is later ordered and trialled in 2013. FAUN Trackway establish FAUN Trackway USA, Inc. based in Washington DC, specifically setup to provide North and South America, and Canada with a local office and a dedicated team. FAUN Municipal Vehicles Ltd acquire Zoeller Waste Systems – a manufacturer of lifting systems for Refuse Collection Vehicles. The company name changes to FAUN Zoeller (UK) Ltd.


January: FAUN Trackway becomes its own entity as FAUN Trackway® Limited.

May: Awarded Investors in People certification.

October: Secured prestigious Made In Wales award for Best New Product for our innovative Containerised Helipad in a Box.


January: Achieved Fully Integrated 9001, 14001 and 18001 Management System.

October: Launched brand new Access and Environment sector for the commercial industry.

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Why Trackway?

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We are dedicated to quality, and therefore are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. The FAUN Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) system is fully adopted by the FAUN Trackway production team. All of our products have a minimum one year warranty period.


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We maintain an innovative approach to engineering ground mobility solution products. Ever changing physical environments, coupled with the complexity of modern logistical planning and evolution of aircraft and vehicles require solutions that are responsive to change.


HGMS Swedish Trials
Our dedicated engineering team convert progressive ideas into high quality products ready for the toughest logistical challenges, creating sustainable solutions that make operations faster and simpler. Value, stability and social responsibility are the building blocks of our corporate culture.


MGMS in forest
We are aware of our responsibility towards environmental protection. Our products are long lasting and recyclable at the end of their lifetime. Laying Trackway enables protection of delicate habitats and environments from heavy traffic. We hold ISO 14001:2004 certification.


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We offer through-life support of our products, including provision of spare parts, servicing, refurbishments and product training. We can provide bespoke training courses, tailored to your personnel’s needs. All products are supplied with standard documentation free of charge.

Vision, Mission and Values



FAUN TRACKWAY is the solution provider of choice for terrain access systems worldwide. 



We design, manufacture and support terrain access systems worldwide.  Our products are unsurpassed in functionality, quality and durability.


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