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QUALITY                                                HEALTH AND SAFETY

   We are dedicated to quality, holding ISO 9001          FAUN Trackway are committed to stringent
   accreditation. Our Continuous Improvement Process      occupational health and safety regulations. FAUN
   (CIP) system and 5S processes ensure unrivaled design  Trackway proudly adhere to the OHSAS 18001
   and manufacture quality, coupled with exceptional      framework for the effective management of
   customer service.                                      Occupational Health and Safety including; all aspects
                                                          of risk management and legal compliance.
   We are aware of our responsibility towards
   environmental protection, holding ISO 14001            We maintain an innovative approach when designing
   accreditation. Our products are long lasting and       our ground mobility solution products. Ever changing
   recyclable at the end of their lifetime. Deploying     physical environments, coupled with the complexity
   Trackway will protect delicate habitats and            of modern logistical planning and evolution of aircraft
   environments from heavy traffic.                       and vehicles require solutions that are responsive
                                                          to change.

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