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 FAUN C40 and C90 have been developed for the commercial market. Our Trackway® enables the rapid deployment and recovery of vehicles
 and people. It provides access for these vehicles into areas where there are no roads, or roads that have been damaged enabling boggy or
 marshy terrain to become accessible to heavy vehicles. The Trackway is best suited to adverse terrain conditions, including; forests, snow,
 marsh, mud and sand in a variety of climates.
 Applications are endless...
 C40 Trackway is a temporary modular lightweight roadway which provides a high traction surface and can be deployed and recovered
 quickly and efficiently. Able to withstand repeated passes of vehicles with axle loads of up to 13 tonnes. C40 Trackway is a modular system
 comprising of single aluminium panels connected by a ‘tongue and groove’ joint allowing articulation of each panel, each panel is secured
 with a quick release locking pin. It is easily cleaned due to the open nature of the profile.
 C90 Heavy Plant Roadways is designed to withstand repeated passes of vehicles with a gross weight of up to 150 tonnes, with axle loads
 of up to 18 tonnes. Bladestop options allow repeated travel by grouser plant machinery with a half panel system enabling quick splitting of
 roadway to any desired length.

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