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 C40 Trackway is a modular roadway that provides improved accessibility across difficult terrains including; beaches, verges, forest,
 marshland, farm land and river fordings and limits the damage caused by vehicles in environmentally sensitive areas.
 Suitable for all road legal wheeled vehicles, mobile cranes and suitable off highway vehicles.
 Can be deployed and recovered quickly and efficiently from a suitable host machine using the C40 dispenser; or it can be manually
deployed using a pushbar.
 C ranes are not required for C40 Trackway deployment and recovery. This removes the health and safety risk and paperwork associated
 with crane-operated Trackway deployment/recovery.

 C40 Trackway is designed to be repeatedly reused and has a long operational life.
 Is a modular system comprising of single aluminium panels connected by a male/female joint and secured by locking pins. The panels
 are easily removed and replaced as required.
 C 40 Trackway has two half panels every 5m; which facilitate easy splitting and joining to create the length required.
 Provides a high traction surface.
 S upplied flat-packed or rolled for manual deployment, or coiled onto an optional spool for mechanised deployment.
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