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The C40 Dispenser;
 Is a plant mounted deployment, transportation, recovery and storage system for C40 Trackway.
 Is mounted via a bespoke adapter plate and quick release hydraulic coupling to a host machine with suitable lifting capacity, fitted with
 auxiliary hydraulic connections.
 Will deploy up to 40m of C40 Trackway in less than three minutes from the interchangeable spool at the centre of the dispenser.
 Recovers 40m of C40 Trackway in less than five minutes back onto the spool.
 The host machine requires two personnel - one plant operator and one ground guide.
 E nsures that the Trackway is deployed under constant tension when driving the host machine forwards to prevent rucking and bow
 The Trackway is recovered hydraulically by the beam dispenser whilst reversing the host machine.
 Requires simple, periodic maintenance which offers a reduced whole life cost.
 C an be mounted to tele-handlers telescopic forklifts and wheeled loaders i.e host machine, subject to specification.
 Facilitates fast deployment of multiple sections of Trackway. An empty spool can be released and replaced with a full spool ready for
 deployment in less than five minutes.
 Is supplied in RAL 2011 Safety Orange as standard. Other colours available upon request at additional cost.
 Withstands ambient temperatures ranging from -40°c to +60°c.

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