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 S teel construction with hydraulic motor (minimum requirement 40l/m, 210bar).
 Suitable for mineral or biodegradable oil.
 Operated by the host plant control system, additional controls are not required.
 C onnected to the host plant using quick hitch and quick release hydraulic couplings. Electrical connections are not required.

 9 5% recyclable components.

                                                                                            The spool is locked in place on the Beam Dispenser by secured
                                                                                          manual locking levers.

                                                                                            The slaying and recovery of the Trackway is controlled by the
                                                                                          driver via the auxiliary hydraulic circuit of the host machine.


                                                                                            C 40 Dispenser painted to your colour/specification.
                                                                                            Manual recovery kit.
                                                                                            Rotating head.

C40 Roadway is available in two widths; 3.3m and 4.2m

                 C40 Dispenser (11ft width)                        C40 Dispenser (13ft 9” width)
             with 40m C40 Trackway spooled*                      with 40m C40 Trackway spooled*

   Part Number    5865173                              Part Number    5865174

                  Metric        Imperial                              Metric        Imperial

   Width          4250mm        13ft 11”               Width          5096mm        16ft 9”

   Length         2630mm        6ft 11”                Length         1630mm        6ft 11”

   Height         1560mm        5ft 2”                 Height         1120mm        51ft 2”

   Weight         3,880kg       8,554Ibs               Weight         5,390kg       12,710Ibs

   C40 Trackway (clean) 3070kg  6769lbs                C40 Trackway (clean) 3844kg  8475lbs

   Spool          310kg         683lbs                 Spool          330kg         728lbs

   Dispenser      500kg         1103lbs                Dispenser      590kg         1300lbs

   Interface plate example for host machine, weights;  Interface plate example for host machine, weights;

   Manitou        150kg         331lbs                 Manitou        150kg         331lbs

   Hydrema/Volvo  90kg          199lbs                 Hydrema/Volvo  90kg          199lbs

   Liebherr       100kg         220lbs                 Liebherr       100kg         220kg

                                                                            * Does not include machine interface plate.

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