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Boat Ramp Kit

The Boat Ramp Kit facilitates the easy launch and recovery of watercraft and vehicles. Used as a temporary access route, or a more permanent solution, the Boat Ramp Kit can be used in areas where it is not suitable for conventional boat ramp structures such as tidal areas, freezing waters, and marsh.

This cost effective solution comprises of a Trackway® panel of choice, and an array of deployment options and accessories - getting your boat to shore has never been easier!


Suitable for wheeled vehicles;

Used for as little as a day or a more permanent installation;

Ensures ground / environmental protection;

Provides a high traction surface;

Laid and recovered quickly and efficiently.


Aluminium panels, joined together by a tongue and groove joint, with locking bolts to secure;

Does not float;

Withstands ambient temperatures ranging from -40°C to +60°C;

Half panels every 5m (16ft 4in) for easy splitting and joining.

C40 Trackway®

Withstands repeated passes of vehicles with a gross weight of up to 100 tons;

Supports axle loads up to 10.28 tons;

Available in widths of either 3.3m or 4.2m.

C90 Trackway®

Withstands repeated passes of vehicles with a gross weight of up to 150 tons;

Supports axle load of up to 17.9 tons;

Available in a width of 4.5m.



Manufactured from steel, and painted as standard, the Pushframe is designed to roll out and recover up to 164ft (50m) of C40 Trackway® or C90 Trackway® by use of a compatible host machine with a quick hitch, or suitable hitch.


The Pushbar is a galvanized steel device with plastic wheels, designed to roll out and recover up to 131ft (40m) of C40 Trackway® or 98ft (30m) of C90 Trackway® by use of a vehicle with a minimum of 7,716Ib (3,500kg) tow capacity, and either:

- A towing hitch or pin suitable for a 3in diameter towing eye;

- 2in trailer towing hitch ball.

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