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Medium Ground Mobility System

The Medium Ground Mobility System improves the mobility of vehicles with pneumatic tyres by creating an access route that stabilises the ground when ground bearing pressure is very low.

The system comprises of M30H Trackway®, an aluminium panel, graded as Military Load Classification (MLC) 30 baseline on 3% California Baring Ratio ground conditions indefinitely, and loads of up to MLC 40 dependent on the ground conditions. Versatile in its capability, the M30H Trackway® panel is the ideal solution for approach roads, gap crossing, temporary roadways, beach landings, and flooring.

M30H Trackway® is operational in all environments such as snow, ice, desert, swamp and jungle terrain. With an array of deployment and recovery options to choose from, the Medium Ground Mobility System can be customised specifically to your requirement.


Creates roadways that can withstand traffic from vehicles with pneumatic tyres;

Creates access and egress points from ships for beach landings;

Facilitates vehicle access across terrains with low California Bearing Ratio (CBR);

Withstands loads in excess of 30T depending on the ground conditions and length of use;

Provides a high traction surface;

Reusable for multiple operations in any environment.


Modular design which allows for parts to be easily replaced if necessary;

Withstand temperatures ranging from -40°c to +60°c for maximum usability;

Does not float and is therefore suitable for use in flowing water; 95% recyclable and has residual value at the end of its useful life;

Dual directional rolling functionality allows for improved conformity over uneven ground;

Quick release locking bolts with robust slide in/slide out locking mechanism;

Grip enhancing grooves provide grip when dirty therefore no maintenance is required.

Deployment Options


The Fastrack is a specifically designed launch and recovery system which can transport and store up to 32m of M30H Trackway® using minimal manpower. The Fastrack is crane mounted to any 4x4 or 6x6 flatbed vehicle or chassis via twistlocks.


The Medium Beam Dispenser deploys and recovers up to 40m of M30H Trackway®. Compatible with front–end loaders and telescopic handlers, it is suitable for multi-role operations, where additional 40m lengths of M30H Trackway® can be joined together to create a long access road.

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