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Helicopter Landing Mat

The Helicopter Landing Mat system allows expeditionary forces create safe landing, servicing, parking and take-off areas for all types of helicopters within an array of environments and operations. The system suppresses dust and foreign objects, ensuring pilot and crew safety as well as asset protection.

Developed for the UK Royal Engineers, the Helicopter Landing Mat is manufactured to any size requirement, it can be used for as little as a day or as a permanent installation, and is available in a variety of panel profiles.


Provides temporary or semi-permanent matting;

Ensures ground / environmental protection;

Prevents Foreign Object Damage (FOD);

Alleviate brown out by suppressing dust and airborne debris;

Facilitates multiple landings at the same location;

Easily and safely deployed and recovered.

Aluminium panels, joined together to any size requirement, and anchored to the ground;

Designed to be constantly reused for multipurpose operations;

Withstands ambient temperatures ranging from -40°C to +60°C;

Anodised or painted as standard dependent on the panel profile;

Easily cleaned, has a long operational life and is recyclable;

Foot protection is required for walking on all Trackway® aluminum products.

PSA Trackway®

Supplied painted for durability and protection from corrosion. Originally developed for the UK Armed Forces over 50 years ago, the original landing mat panel can be transported by land, sea or air in either stillages or 463L pallets. Most suited for landing and take-off for fixed and rotary wing helicopters, the PSA Trackway® panel is lightweight, versatile and can be deployed with ease.

PSA Flat Top N Trackway®

PSA Flat Top N Trackway®'s unique design allows two panels to be stacked into a combined state of 0.9in; allowing for quicker movement and packing, and increased panel bundles within either transportation stillages, 463L pallets or the Multi-Role Packaging solution. Supplied anodised for durability and protection from corrosion; with the choice of anti-skid paint or lasered anti-skid finish to ensure the surface is of the highest traction for asset and personnel safety. Suitable for landing, take-off, and servicing and maintenance, with the flat surface making the ideal solutions for helicopter parking zones.

PSA Flat Top Trackway®

Developed for the Australian Armed Forces, PSA Flat Top Trackway® has been tried and tested by the Engineer Research and Development Centre within the US Army.

PSA Flat Top Reinforced Trackway®

Featuring reinforced edging for enhanaced durability, the PSA Flat Top Reinforced Trackway panel has been tried and tested by the Engineer Research and Development Center within the US Army.

Multi Role Packaging Solution

Based on a 10ft ISO container which can be transported by land, sea or air, the solution enables expeditionary, humanitarian and relief personnel to access all of the equipment and tools necessary to build a helipad.

Compatible with both the PSA Flat Top N, PSA Flat Top, and PSA Flat Top Reinforced Trackway® panel variants; all designed to create stable, temporary landing surfaces capable of being laid in varying configurations to accommodate different helicopters.

Once the helipad has been deployed, the Multi Role Packaging Solution can be used as an operational base; fitted with power, lighting and air conditioning, as well as having room for sleeping spaces, storage and furniture.

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