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Bridging's Perfect Partner

Published: 30.09.2021


Underpinning all military mobility requirements is a need for speed

As an integral component within bridging operations, Trackway® is used to offset potentially severe erosion experienced from heavy military vehicles crossing unstable ground.

Bridgeheads are obvious concentration points and in challenging climates they could quickly be churned into impassable areas, reducing or halting mobility and access at potentially critical moments. Not only does this pose a significant risk to vehicles and personnel, but overtime, the ground would erode, damaging the environment.

By creating bridging ingress and egress using aluminium Trackway®, the ground is reinforced making it stable, preventing vehicles from getting bogged down and mitigating environmental damage and operational delay.

Situation: Rapid installation of a tactical bridge is required to enable essential vehicle access to an operational area;

Problem: Potential erosion of river banks on each side of the bridge due to repeated heavy traffic;

Solution: 25m of M150 Trackway® is laid at one side of the bridge, and then split with the remaining 25m laid at the other side – this entire operation is conducted in less than 10 minutes by only two personnel.

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