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Published: 17.11.2022

Survivability relies as much on the rapid and safe movement of troops as it does on having the correct armoury and protective equipment to withstand enemy attacks.

What this means in relation to combat and relief missions in remote locations is a requirement for forces to navigate hostile environments, often without established road networks, and in sometimes extreme climatic conditions.

There’s little sense in armed forces investing in state-of-the-art trucks and tanks if their surfacing product doesn’t conform to the same high standards, as this will be critical to manoeuvrability.

Movement across areas with no roads or damaged networks is not the only issue; for bridges experiencing heavy-duty traffic, ground will erode over time, damaging the environment and halting vehicle access at potentially critical moments.

Some environments may require short, temporary access points, while others will call for extensive roadway to be used for many months. Our Trackway® can be split into shorter lengths or seamlessly added to create an unlimited roadway, allowing forces to tailor the roadway to their own requirements.

Underpinning all military mobility requirements is a need for speed, and our Trackway® can be deployed quickly and efficiently by just two people using minimal manpower.

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